OPPO 智美生活

在构建万物互融新生态的战略愿景下,OPPO 提出了 OPPO IoT 的价值主张「智选生活之美」,并推出生活方式品牌 OPPO 智美生活,旨在为用户打造温暖自在、充满想象力的智美生活。标志内容主要呈现 OPPO 智美生活 ,以品牌字体OPPO Sans 为基础,在中英组合字体上,整体优化与细致的改变,并从新设计的字体中提取出“智选”视觉图形符号,将此符号应用于界面、交互、和包装中,品牌色彩延用 OPPO 色彩系统,以白色为主调性,展示品牌智慧、自在的生活状态。


Under the strategic vision of building a new ecology of integraing all things, OPPO has put forward the value proposition of OPPO IoT, "Choose the beauty of life intelligently", and launched the lifestyle brand OPPO Smart Life, aiming at creating an intelligent and beautiful life full of warmth, comfort and imagination for users. The logo content mainly presents OPPO's intelligent and beautiful life. Based on the brand font OPPO Sans, the overall optimization and detailed changes are made in the Chinese and English combined fonts, and the visual graphic symbol of "intelligent choice" is extracted from the newly designed fonts. This symbol will be applied to the interface, interaction and packaging. As for the brand color, OPPO color system will be continuously used, in which white is the main tonality, showing the brand's intelligent and comfortable living conditions.